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We are the one stop place for anything you may need. Our staff at Corona Air Paint takes pride on doing what we do best―making your plane look beautiful and brand new again. Our shop handles the painting, but we are partners in business with the maintenance shop, the engine overhaul shop, the upholstery shop and the aircraft detailing shop. Whatever your aircraft needs might be, we can satisfy them all.

Whether you need touch ups and an annual, a new radio and a detail job, a new window, new interior, etc., WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Whatever question you may have, we will gladly answer the phone or reply to your emails within 48 hrs.

Great Aircraft exterior painting and refurbishment must not only look great, but must stand the test of time. At Corona Air Paint, we use only top quality, proven products and spare no steps to ensure your aircraft receives “the best” paint job – we guarantee it!. We also know how much you miss your aircraft when its down for any reason, this is why we do our best to deliver our jobs timely and efficiently.

We have been painting aircraft for over 11 years and are up to date with the latest aircraft painting techniques; we are confident that whichever aircraft you may have, you will be extremely satisfied with the final product. Our facilities can accomodate different types of aircraft, up to the size of a Cessna Caravan/citation V.

Maybe Corona Air Paint has not been around for too long, but our workforce has. All together we have over 25 years of experience in aircraft. Our shop is located midfield at the Corona Municipal Airport (AJO). It is conveniently located next to Procraft maintenance shop and Corona Engines (overhauling shop). The restaurant is also at walking distance.

Our workforce consists of highly trained professionals who have been around aviation for a long time. Whomever becomes part of our workforce goes under meticulous training focused on very detail oriented aircraft refinishing techniques. The owner Norberto Seide has always had a passion for aviation and has successfully operated businesses in the past. Finally, the oportunity arose to open an aircraft related business.

The manager at Corona Air Paint, has a Bachelor's degree on Airport administration and an associates degree on auto body shop; Also has 9 years of aircraft painting under his belt.

Jesse Guerrero, the shop foreman, has over 15 years of aircraft refinishing and also knows all the processes from head to toe. He is in charge of quality assurance and job performance.

The rest of the workers have been around aviation long enough to know the preparation systems and the level of detail work aircraft painting entitles.

The spray booth, Bill's Paintbooth and By George Aircraft paintbooth (all aircraft paintshops) used our facilities in the past; this is why our paintbooth just underwent a long deserved remodelation.

Whether you have a small or a big job for us, we are prepared and willing to take it; and will do so proudly.



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