The Job begins with a detailed inspection of the aircraft. We look for several things:

  • Any damage to the aluminum

  • Condition of the cawl fasteners

  • Condition of the fiber glass/plastic parts

  • Condition of the plexiglass

  • Any major dings

  • Corrosion

The windows, door sims, plastic pieces and antennas are masked with aluminum tape and foil to prevent the paint stripper from damaging such parts. Cowlings, wing tips, fairings, plates, etc., are removed from the aircraft. All of these pieces will get BRAND NEW STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE, INCLUDED IN THE FULL PRICE.

The paint is carefully removed from the metal surfaces

After the paint is removed, the metal pieces are detailed & cleaned.

The aircraft is washed with a high temperature steam pressure washer to remove any stripper residue.

All the aluminum is acid etched and Alodined for maximun corrosion protection

Any of the areas around the plane that require work are taken care off. Whether it is fiberglass repair, bondo repair or metal repair, we fix it.

The plastic and fiber glass parts are sanded and repair accordingly as well. Only major, or very time consuming repairs cost extra

The Aircraft then is primered and painted with the white base (or whatever color the customer chooses). We feature Aviation finishes by Dupont or Acryglo/jetglo paint

The plane is put back together temporarily to start taping up the brand new paint scheme

The new paint scheme is then masked and scuffed to apply the stripe color

N numbers are also prepped and painted. Standard Numbers are 12" tall

After the colors have been applied, the paper and tape are removed. Now is time for the final detail.

The aircraft is now put back together and finished.

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